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Shree Jain Alert Group of India members have
Unique Identification Number (UID)

Unique ID shall be assigned to each registered member upon registering with Jain Alert Group of India. This ID will facilitate you to participate in all the initiatives, seminars and events of Alert Group. Click on below link to be a member of Shree Jain Alert Group of India.

UID Registration for new members

Shree Jain Alert Group of India proudly presents its new initiative
Alert Employment Exchange

Jain Alert Group is pleased to present Alert Employment Exchange; an initiative to connect right talent with the required employer for the benefit of both. AEE has created a database of Jain students and working professionals from various streams like Engineering, Business Administration, Finance, Commerce, Science, Electronics, Computer Applications.

The group’s mission is in line with Government of India’s mission to empower youth with skill and right opportunities for building strong carrier which results in social upliftment that results in strong Nation building.

प्रभु को हर एक प्रसंगों में आमंत्रण किस लिए देना चाहिए ? क्योंकि सुख के दिनों में सभी साथ होते हैं, लेकिन दुःख के दिनो में तो परमात्मा ही साथ देते हैं
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Shree Jain Alert Group of India
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